CMW Journal

Traditions in Translation
Vol. 11, No. 2

Co-editors, Becca J.R. Lachman and Anita Hooley Yoder

  • Introduction
    by Becca J.R. Lachman and Anita Hooley Yoder

    In the history of the church, translation has always played ...

  • Know Your Place: Writing as Identity
    by Anita Hooley Yoder

    The following is an adapted version of the closing sermon ...

  • Three Poems
    by Britt Kaufmann

    The Heavens Are Falling, The Heavens Are Falling

    "He will ...

  • Two Poems
    by Joseph Gascho

    Intro from the author: I sometimes wonder if there was ...

  • Psalm of Roses, Wrecks, and Coming Up for Air
    by Barbara Esch Shisler

    For this one cold slip of sun
    skimming the anniversary ...

  • Mamma
    by Greta Holt

    "Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your ...

  • Reimagined Scripture
    by Becca J.R. Lachman

    *A version of these re-imagined Scriptures was shared in a ...

  • Reimagined Scripture: Wives Like Us
    by Kirsten Beachy

    Intro from the author: This poem arrived in response to ...

  • Two Songs
    by Addie Liechty

    Jesus, Teach me to Grieve (song lyrics*)

    There once was ...

  • Translating Musical Traditions
    by Katie Graber

    Translating musical traditions is a dangerous business, complex on so ...

  • And Zion Was Our Mournful Theme
    by Julie Swarstad Johnson

    Intro from the author: This poem takes its title from ...

  • Paradise
    by Eileen R. Kinch

    Author's note:

    The lyric essay, a developing hybrid form ...

  • Translating Rumi in Iran
    by Wally Shellenberger

    We were sipping hot tea on our friends' Persian carpets ...

  • Three Poems
    by Julia Baker

    Intro from author: I wrote the poem "Sighted-Dark" during a ...

  • What the Tree Remembers
    by Ivanna Johnson-McMurry

    As I walked out of the library and into the ...

  • Sanctuary
    by Sandy Vrana

    Intro from the author: Holy Incarnation Church was open at ...