New and Forthcoming in the Journal of Mennonite Writing

July 28, 2016

Our current issue, edited by Ann Hostetler, features essays from the "Crossing the Line: Anabapatist Women Encounter Borders and Boundaries" conference held at Eastern Mennonite University in June 2017. See our summer issue for more essays from the conference.

Upcoming Issues:

Winter 2018 (January) issue: Mexican Mennonite Stories, guest editor Abigail Karl Klassen

Spring 2018 (April) issue: Writing and Memory - selected works from the October 2017 Mennonite/s Writing VIII conference at University of Winnipeg.

Summer 2018 (July) issue: Sexuality and Mennonite Writing, guest editor Daniel Shank Cruz

Fall 2018 (October) issue: Documentary Poetry, guest editor Julia Spicher Kasdorf

Winter 2019 (January) Latinx Writing

Future Themes:

Cross-cultural Writers, Mennonite Writing and Ecocriticism, and new Fiction, Poetry, and Memoir.

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Send queries to cmw@goshen.edu

Calls for Submissions:

Our mission is to publish work about Mennonite literature and culture, or creative work by writers who have a connection with Mennonite (in the broad sense of the term) faith and culture.

How to submit: Electronic submission only to cmw@goshen.edu. Include a brief bio that mentions your interest in or connection to Mennonites, and attach the submission as a word document.

If you wish to submit poetry, fiction, or short creative nonfiction, please inquire first, as sometimes we will add a poetry feature or other special features to include creative submissions. We also welcome suggestions for future topics, since themes for issues are planned over a year in advance.

Send all queries to cmw@goshen.edu.

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