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    New Exhibit Dates! - The Rohrers

    January 21, 2021

    Palmer Art Museum, The Pennsylvania State University

    "Field Language," Paintings by Warren Rohrer

    (free and open to the public with timed admission):Feb. 10-June 6, 2021

    NOTE: Due to extreme weather, the Palmer Art Museum has closed the exhibit until further notice. Check their website for details. We will post re-opening time when it is available.

    Woodmere Art Museum, Chestnut Hill, PA - Paintings by Warren Rohrer and Poems by Jane Rohrer

    April 6, 2022- July 10, 2022

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    New and Forthcoming in the Journal of Mennonite Writing

    October 23, 2020

    Our current issue is a tribute to Warren Rohrer, painter, and Jane Rohrer, poet. Two exhibits in 2021 and 2022 will honor their work. See issue for details.

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    New Book of Poetry by Patrick Friesen

    October 2, 2020

    Patrick Friesen's latest book, Outlasting the Weather, is a collection of his poetry spanning from 1994-2020.

    “The poems in this volume represent the second half of an already auspicious literary career that began in Manitoba and has continued unabated to this day in Victoria B.C.Outlasting the Weather, a collection twenty-six years in the making, displays an astonishing range of achievement from a writer who has continued to change and evolve while pushing the limits in exploring the human journey. Friesen has found great depth and solace in collaboration in theatre, dance, translation and music. Whether touching upon ...

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    'The Tree of Life' by Sarah Klassen

    October 2, 2020

    Sarah Klassen's book of poetry, The Tree of Life, is available for preorder now!

    Advanced Praise:

    A call to compassion, The Tree of Life is oxygen for the weary, and Klassen a prophet at the crossroads of our moment and the eternal. She invites us on a pilgrimage from primeval myth to dreams of paradise—through prairie picnics, temple ruins, across deserts alongside the displaced—into a place where the soul, though troubled, knows all manner of thing shall be well.

    —Angeline Schellenberg, author of Fields of Light and Stone

    Tuned to time—ancient, apocalyptic, and current, these poems sing of pilgrimage ...

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    Maggie Redekop and 'Making Believe'

    September 25, 2020

    Maggie Redekop is a Professor Emerita of English at the University of Toronto. Her latest book is called Making Believe: Questions about Mennonites and Art. She describes the book as "part criticism, part memoir." It is currently available for purchase through the University of Manitoba press, linked here.

    Check out this interview with her by Andrew Unger, linkedhere.

Recent Journal Discussion

  • Meditation for Memorial Service

    On November 9, 2020 Bud Skidmore wrote:

    a remarkable man and family. As a boy I watched him working on my grandfather's house on Edisto. From him I learned no work done well is below us. He and DuBose hosted our youth group. Remember his joyful singing. And he came to my elementary school to read his father's poetry. It was an incredible experience for a little country boy like me.. His contributions to our community are a precious legacy.

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  • Gaming and Women

    On October 22, 2019 Lorie Ham wrote:

    This is an important topic and one I would guess most people don't know about. Thanks for a great article

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  • Thoughts Formed for the Modern Technological Social Media Platform We Call Twitter

    On October 21, 2019 Jolene wrote:

    Very much enjoyed reading this Noelle! You’re hilarious, and have a lot of very good points! Love you sweet niece.

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