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    New Poems from Di Brandt!

    October 14, 2018

    Glitter and Fall, Di. Brandt's newest book of poems, has just been published by Turnstone Press.

    Publisher's description: Inspired by the Dao de Jing, Brandt's responses explore the intersections of east and west, male and female, bringing her prairie sensibilities to the second most translated work in the world. The result is an ecstatic poetic experience that is deeply feminine, celebrating a rich culture filled with woman mystics and Divine beings.

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    Call for Submissions: Traditions in Translation

    August 1, 2018
    "Traditions in Translation"
    Call for writing exploring the idea of "translating" texts and traditions from their original use into new expressions.
    Write your own translation or reinterpretation of a scripture or text that has been sacred to you--writing "with" or "against" the text. Write about your experience within, around, or outside of a faith tradition. Explore a sacred tradition or experience translated into a new time or place. Write about a family tradition that has continued or fallen away. Experiment with form: for example, write in the style of a hymn or song that has been important in ...
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    Shale Play by Julia Spicher Kasdorf and Steven Rubin

    July 30, 2018

    Just published! Julia Spicher Kasdorf's poems and Steven Rubin's poems combine to create a compelling exploration of fracking in Pennsylvania and the communities invovled. This is an artistic approach to a complex problem, created with compassion and insight.

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    Darp Web Project

    May 1, 2018

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    Poetics of Place - June 7-10, 2018

    February 12, 2018

    A writing workshop with Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Jeff Gundy, Becca J. R. Lachmann, and Anita Hooley.

Recent Journal Discussion

  • An Excerpt from "Don't Drive Too Fast, Don't Stay Too Late, and Be Good"

    On August 22, 2018 Jan Guenther Braun wrote:

    Adam, thanks for writing your comment! Whether you're posting a piece of writing to a blog or having it published in paper form, you never know if anyone's actually read it, so thanks for that!

    Yup, I think that PTSD can come in many forms and be the result of small 't' trauma over time. Is that the character's trauma, though? I don't even know yet. I guess we'll both find out eventually.

    All the best, Adam

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  • Introduction: Queer Mennonite Literature

    On August 19, 2018 Adam Hostetter wrote:

    Daniel--thank you for putting together this amazing compilation of queer writing. I'm so grateful to live in an era when Mennonites are bold and brave enough to be this open. It is what makes us radicals, still, today. I enjoyed every piece and I am thrilled and excited by the bibliography with so many names I did not know before. My reading list has expanded.

    Your work is greatly appreciated. All the best- -Adam Hostetter, aka Quantum Mennonite

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  • A Birth, a Flag, and My Introduction to Military Erotica

    On August 19, 2018 Adam Hostetter wrote:

    What a wonderful piece! Our histories, sensibilities, and awareness can be so fluid and difficult to comprehend. The story of the musical on slavery is so horrific, poinient and heart breaking - so true. I feel that pain of ignorance, and wondering if we’ll ever over come it.

    Thank you! All the best, Adam Hostetter

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