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  • Meditation for Memorial Service

    On November 9, 2020 Bud Skidmore wrote:

    a remarkable man and family. As a boy I watched him working on my grandfather's house on Edisto. From him I learned no work done well is below us. He and DuBose hosted our youth group. Remember his joyful singing. And he came to my elementary school to read his father's poetry. It was an incredible experience for a little country boy like me.. His contributions to our community are a precious legacy.

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  • Gaming and Women

    On October 22, 2019 Lorie Ham wrote:

    This is an important topic and one I would guess most people don't know about. Thanks for a great article

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  • Thoughts Formed for the Modern Technological Social Media Platform We Call Twitter

    On October 21, 2019 Jolene wrote:

    Very much enjoyed reading this Noelle! You’re hilarious, and have a lot of very good points! Love you sweet niece.

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