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  • Who's a Mennonite?

    On March 11, 2017 Mitchell Toews wrote:

    Dyan Cannon (originally Friesen) was a genuine Hollywood star and she was, with no doubt, "ours" - a Mennonite.

    My wife Janice & I were in Tacoma a few years ago and next to our hotel was a hamburger joint called "Friesen Burgers". I thought I recalled that Ms Cannon was from the PacNW and a quick peek on Wikipedia confirmed that - a Tacoma mejal.

    "Wow! FRIESEN Burgers. That has to be her family," we thought, in high-speed Mennonite game-think. We went to the place for supper and inquired about the name.

    "Oh that," the waiter told us. "That was a mistake the sign-maker made. It was supposed to be 'Fries an' Burgers'. The owners liked it OK the way it was and so they just left it like that, rather than pay extra to have it changed."

    Another Mennonitisch dream dashed on the rocks of the English (and a careless sign painter).

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  • Three Poems from Unspoken: An Inheritance of Words

    On March 11, 2017 Joann Hershberger Henderson wrote:

    Love these. Thank you.

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  • Introduction: The Gordon Factor

    On December 6, 2016 Evie Miller wrote:

    I've enjoyed browsing in some of these chapters, Ervin. Congratulations on pulling all of this material together! And to Ann, congratulations on publishing!

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