Bibliography of Christine R. Wiebe’s Writing

by Katie Funk Wiebe

Comments for Bibliography of Christine R. Wiebe’s Writing

  • Jean Janzen

    On October 22, 2010 Jean Janzen wrote:

    What a gift this issue is for us all, and especially for me. I feel myself latching on to her intense need to write poetry, read the letter from her father, my first cousin whom I never knew, and ache from the great loss of never having met him or Christine in person. Katie has been a major inspiration to me, and now these writings stir up a deep place of wonder and gratitude for this mother-daughter-sister tribute to one who has gone ahead of us. Christine's grandfather, Peter Wiebe, is the dear uncle who brought my own orphaned father to Canada, and who also wrote poems and stories.

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  • Edwin Ejim

    On January 18, 2011 Edwin Ejim wrote:

    I must confess you(Katie Wiebe)have been a huge inspiration to me.Even though you are half a world away your works have touched a soul.

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