Bibliography of Christine R. Wiebe’s Writing

Prepared by Katie Funk Wiebe, July 2010


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Eclipse.” Chester H. Jones Foundation Poetry Contest Winners Anthology. Fall 1986 [or Winter 1987].

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“I Wish,” “For a Thousand Nights,” “This Slow Disrobing,” “I Was Only Looking, Or, So I will wait a Little Longer,” “God’s Grace,” DreamSeeker Magazine: Voices from the Soul, Summer 2004.

“Good Friday,” “Easter,” DreamSeeker Magazine, Spring 2004.

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Self-published, self-illustrated, self-bound small writings in limited editions

The Caging of Chris . Christmas, 1972, 16 pp.

Dear Christiana, The writer’s memories of Christiana’s mother, Susan Wiebe, over the years. Illustrated. n.d.

Crossings: Journal Entries from a Trip to Europe. Grassroots Publishing, 1989. 24 pp.

The Dancing Stars. poem to honor the birth of niece Jennifer Elaine Wiebe on Dec. 5, 1992.

The Prairie Princess, a children’s book, tells the story of Catherine, a prairie princess, who grows ill after her father dies. “The book is a sign of hope and a chart for me, for my own healing arising from the act of creation.” December 1990, 28 pp.

Longer work:

How to Stay Alive. Self-published and illustrated, spiral binding, Wichita KS 1996, 592 pp.

About Christine R. Wiebe: “Night Work,” Border Crossing: A Spiritual Journey, Revised edition, Dreamseeker Books (Pandora), 2002.

“Christine, my daughter; my daughter Christine: My grief journey” (A collection of journal entries about her death) by Katie Funk Wiebe . Unpublished. 2004.

Obituary of Christine R. Wiebe, death May 24, 2000

Ellen Kroeker’s poem read at her funeral May 26, 2000

Diane Deckert’s tribute read at her funeral May 26, 2000

About the Author

Katie Funk Wiebe

Katie Funk Wiebe (Tabor College 1968) is the author of twenty books and over a hundred articles. Her most recent books are You Never Gave Me a Name:One Mennonite Woman’s Story and How to Write Your Personal or Family History, both released in 2010. Wiebe received an M.A. from Wichita State University and taught at Tabor College for 24 years. In 2000 The Mennonite named her one of twenty Mennonite Writers who have had “the most powerful influence on life and belief of the General Conference Mennonite Church and Mennonite Church in the 20th century." She is the mother of four children, among them Christine R. Wiebe and Joanna Wiebe.