Grist for the Mill

by Ann Hostetler

Ann Hostetler reviews a recently published book of poems by Helen Alderfer. We tend to assume that lyric poems reflect something of the author's life and feelings, but in this book the poems even become a kind of lifetime memoir in verse, scanning the author's life from childhood to advanced age.

Comments for Grist for the Mill

  • Muriel T. Stackley

    On May 16, 2009 Muriel T. Stackley wrote:

    Thank you for honoring Helen Wade Alderfer.

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  • shirley showalter

    On May 17, 2009 shirley showalter wrote:

    Great review, Ann. Helen deserves to be celebrated for this book--and for her lifetime achievement. I also wrote about Helen and her book here:

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  • Ann Hostetler

    On May 20, 2009 Ann Hostetler wrote:

    Thanks for posting a link to your review of Helen's book. I notice that we both admired the same poem about the old horse and the new baby.

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  • Craig

    On August 17, 2011 Craig wrote:

    I love the Amish way of life. It has prompted me to create a website with photos of the Amish and Mennonites in New York State. Please check it out and comment.

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