'The Tree of Life' by Sarah Klassen

October 2, 2020

Sarah Klassen's book of poetry, The Tree of Life, is available for preorder now!

Advanced Praise:

A call to compassion, The Tree of Life is oxygen for the weary, and Klassen a prophet at the crossroads of our moment and the eternal. She invites us on a pilgrimage from primeval myth to dreams of paradise—through prairie picnics, temple ruins, across deserts alongside the displaced—into a place where the soul, though troubled, knows all manner of thing shall be well.

—Angeline Schellenberg, author of Fields of Light and Stone

Tuned to time—ancient, apocalyptic, and current, these poems sing of pilgrimage, from the Exodus wilderness to the Mennonite family road trip, from the refugee’s flight to the soul’s journey toward faith. Sarah Klassen writes with prophetic clarity as she draws from the rivers of myth, history, literature, and scripture. This is poetry bent on ascension, blazing with light, seeking with grit that tree of life whose roots drink deep from the waters of eternity.

—Carla Funk, Gloryland

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