Purpose Magazine: Call for Submissions

July 14, 2009

Purpose is a monthly magazine published by Mennonite Publishing Network
(MPN) for all adult members and attendees of Mennonite Church Canada and
Mennonite Church USA congregations.
Purpose features short first person anecdotal stories and verse that
encourages Christians in their daily discipleship walk. Mennonite authors are
strongly encouraged to offer their stories. Most writings are selected from
free lance submissions. Writings are purchased on a one-time rights basis.
Send electronic submissions to horsch@mpn.net.
Writer guidelines and monthly themes are available on the MPN
> > website: http://www.faithandliferesources.org/periodicals/purpose/

Comments for Purpose Magazine: Call for Submissions

  • Grant Swank

    On February 24, 2010 Grant Swank wrote:


    This is so very sad.

    I have sent articles to PURPOSE for years and never had any problem at all. Many have been printed in PURPOSE.

    I cannot believe that you are now telling me not to send any more submissions just because you disagree with my opinion regarding McLaren. Surely we can disagree on such a matter without you as editor exercising your editorship powers to discount my submissions. This is unbelievable, really.

    If you stay firm on this, I am going to contact the denominational press to tell them of how unreasonable and unfair your action is. It does appear that being the new editor of PURPOSE is bringing to the fore a headiness that makes no sense and should be embarrassing to you.

    I really am shocked at your email received this morning.

    Grant Swank, long-time writer for PURPOSE under the previous editor

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