Poetics of Place - June 7-10, 2018

February 12, 2018

A writing workshop with Julia Spicher Kasdorf, Jeff Gundy, Becca J. R. Lachmann, and Anita Hooley.

A Writing Retreat at Laurelville with DreamSeeker Books, June 7-10, 2018

Resource People: Jeff Gundy, poet and DreamSeeker editor; Julia Spicher Kasdorf, poet and essayist; Rebecca J. R. Lachman, poet and musician; Anita Hooley Yoder, writer, editor, minister

Activities (partial list):

Night walk and writing

Friday and Saturday morning prayers and workshops

Afternoon opportunities for individual conferences

Evening readings by DreamSeeker authors and retreat participants

Sunday worship and writing


To make the retreat accessible to as many as possible, the cost reflects Laurelville’s fees for room and board, plus a modest registration fee of $60. Food and lodging in Motel (3 nights, 7 meals).

Pricing: Single room $250 + 60 = $310 Double room $200 + 60 = $260 Triple room $170 + 60 = $230

To Register: Book early to reserve your spot, and indicate roommate preferences.

Registration deadline: May 15th.

To pay by credit card and phone, call Laurelville and ask for Brenda Johnson: 724.423.2056

By check, mail: Attention: Brenda Johnson 941 Laurelville Lane Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 15666

For more information, contact Jeff Gundy (gundyj@bluffton.edu) or Julia Spicher Kasdorf (jmkasdorf@gmail.com).

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