New Exhibit Dates! - The Rohrers

January 21, 2021

Palmer Art Museum, The Pennsylvania State University

"Field Language," Paintings by Warren Rohrer

(free and open to the public with timed admission):Feb. 10-May 30, 2021

Woodmere Art Museum, Chestnut Hill, PA - Paintings by Warren Rohrer and Poems by Jane Rohrer

April 6, 2022- July 10, 2022

Dates for the Palmer Museum of Art exhibition (free and open to the public with timed admission):
Feb. 10-May 30, 2021
Here is the page for the Palmer exhibition:
Here are the virtual gallery talks offered by the Palmer Museum throughout the spring, available via Zoom:
Here is the “digital companion” to the Palmer exhibition, which includes 4 informational videos:
AND here are the dates and information about the Woodmere Art Museumexhibition in Chestnut Hill, PA:
April 6, 2022- July 10, 2022
And, here is the link to the catalogue on offer from Penn State Press:

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