Mennonite Literature makes a unique Christmas Gift!

December 12, 2009

Keep the conversation going! Consider giving the unique gift of Mennonite literature for Christmas! Whether it's a subscription to Rhubarb, the magazine of literary arts published by the Mennonite Literary Society of Canada, a novel, a memoir, or a volume of poetry, stories, or essays by a Mennonite writer, your gift is certain to be unique and valued.

Start a book sharing circle by giving several friends a copy of a book you'd like to discuss, or recommend a work of Mennonite Literature to your book club!

While most works mentioned on this site are available from Amazon.com, consider supporting small press publishing or Mennonite bookstores by ordering a work of Mennonite Literature from the publisher's website. Most publishers can be found by "googling" the writer's name and title of the book. Many of the writers also have websites. If you are ordering "across the border" the author's web site is a good place to start.

Several online Mennonite Bookstores or publisher's sites offer a good list of works for browsing:

Mennolink online bookstore (poetry is under "Arts," fiction has its own section):


Cascadia Poetry selections, essays on Mennonite literature, and memoirs are available from Cascadia Publishing House:


A Cappella: Mennonite Voices in Poetry, the first comprehensive anthology of poetry by both US and Canadian Writers, is available from the University of Iowa Press


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