Ken Reed’s New Novel

July 16, 2009

Ken Reed has published his second novel about Pennsylvania Mennonites, He Flew Too High (Enumclaw, WA: WinePress, 2009). It concerns a church split in the 1950s that led to tragic physical and spiritual consequences requiring forgiveness and healing.

Reed says that his intention was to give an “unromanticized” view of Mennonites, in contrast to the recent public interest in romance fiction about the Amish. One reviewer says it is “part love story, part apocalyptic narrative, part suspense tale.”

Reed, who grew up Mennonite near Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is now a Presbyterian living in Silicon Valley in California. His first novel, Mennonite Soldier , created considerable controversy in the Mennonite community when Herald Press published it in 1974. It has recently been re-issued by Masthof Press.

Copies of He Flew Too High are available, for $21.99, by calling 877-421-7323. To schedule a reading by Reed, contact Abigail@winepressgroup.com . His website is http://Kyreed.com .

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