A Hundred Camels: A Mission Doctor's Sojourn and Murder Trial in Somalia

May 19, 2009

The cover of A Hundred Camels

Just Published by Cascadia:

A Hundred Camels: A Doctor's Sojourn and Murder Trial in Somalia

by Gerald L. Miller, M.D. and Shari Miller Wagner

Available: June2009
Pages: 228

Prices: $13.95US/$14.95Can.
ISBN 13:978-1-931038-54-6

As this suspenseful, true-life drama of a doctor's trial for a patient's murder unfolds, readersare given access to an ancient, clan-based culture few Americans have experienced in a country recently declared by the United Nations as a humanitarian crisis “worse than Darfur.”

"This vivid, compelling story becomes a vehicle of beauty—the kind that wounds as we recognize our own fears and prejudices but also the beauty of a compassion that heals."

—Jean Janzen, Fresno, California, is an award-winning poet, whose most recent collection of poetry is Paper House.

"Underneath the excitement of the courtroom drama, murder trial, and many escapades in a new culture, lies the story of how one man's spirit grew."

—Shirley H. Showalter, in the Foreword

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  • Bridget Griffin

    On June 5, 2009 Bridget Griffin wrote:

    My husband and I own J. Farvers, a Christian Bookstore in Shipshewana, Indiana, the hometown of Dr. Gerald Miller. If anyone is interested in buying the book, A HUNDRED CAMELS, you can email me at inbridge115@cs.com or call the store at 260-768-4339. It is an awesome story.

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