Helen Alderfer's collected poems published by Cascadia

January 13, 2009

Helen Wade Alderfer has long been known in Mennonite publishing, as the editor of Christian Living for 25 years, and On the Line for 14 years, as well as editor of A Farthing in Her Hand . Fewer people know that Alderfer has also been a life-long poet and devoted member of a writing group. Now, for the first time, Helen's poetry has been collected in a single volume, The Mill Grinds Fine , and co-published by Cascadia Publishing House with Herald Press.

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  • shirley h. showalter

    On January 19, 2009 shirley h. showalter wrote:

    For a review through the memoir lens, I invite you to "my blog":http://www.100memoirs.com/2009/01/helen-alderfer-poet-mother-wise-woman-role-model/.

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