Gray Matter Graffitti--Poems by Sam W. Reimer

January 19, 2010

Sam W. Reimer's book of poems, Gray Matter Graffitti [sic], has been published by Circle Design, Inc. at a price of $16. (www.circle.mb.ca) The book consists of about 200 short poems from the author's lifetime of writing. "Some are autobiographical, some fictitious, some more serious, some angrier, some more sorrowful than others--ranging from the profane to the sacred, and en masse erring on the side of oddness." Reimer identifies himself as a "draft-dodger, Jesus-freak, 'conditional pacifist,' prolific writer, devoted father, 'tactical anarchist & strategic monarchist,' unwavering romantic, bohemian bard, 'ecstatic depressive,' gregarious hermit." Reimer was born in Steinbach, Manitoba, moved with his parents to Meade, Kansas, in 1964, returned to Manitoba to avoid the Vietnam draft, and now lives in Vancouver.

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