Di Brandt chosen as Writer-in-Residence

September 28, 2014

Di Brandt, an admired Canadian poet, essayist, and literary critic, was selected as the Winnipeg Public Library's Writer-in-Residence for 2014-2015.

Beginning this October and continuing until April 2015, she will work with the public through workshops and individual consultations. In addition, she will continue to concentrate on her own writing. The Writer-in-Residence program is designed to provide new, emerging, and established writers with a chance to recieve feedback on their manuscripts.

“My mentoring philosophy is very simple," Di Brandt said. "I try to really ‘hear’ what the writer is trying to communicate and create in the work-in-progress, and to help him or her accomplish that in its most sparkly, vivacious, engaging form."

Di Brandt, from a traditional Mennonite farming village in southern Manitoba, is acclaimed for her award winning collections like questions i asked my mother, Walking to Mojàcar, and Jerusalem, beloved.

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