Call for Submissions: Traditions in Translation

August 1, 2018

"Traditions in Translation"

Call for writing exploring the idea of "translating" texts and traditions from their original use into new expressions.
Write your own translation or reinterpretation of a scripture or text that has been sacred to you--writing "with" or "against" the text. Write about your experience within, around, or outside of a faith tradition. Explore a sacred tradition or experience translated into a new time or place. Write about a family tradition that has continued or fallen away. Experiment with form: for example, write in the style of a hymn or song that has been important in your life. Image-driven forms like graphic novel excerpts, fraktur, and photographs will also be considered.
This issue of the Journal of Mennonite Writing will be guest co-edited by Becca J.R. Lachman and Anita Hooley Yoder. Submissions are due November15, 2018, with a publication date in the spring of 2019.
Questions and submissions should be sent to anita.hooley.yoder@gmail.com andms.rossiter@gmail.com.

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