The Book on Fire by Keith Miller

September 23, 2009

The Book on Fire is the newest novel by Keith Miller, author of The Book of Flying.

Miller, who probed difference and desire in The Book of Flying--described by Ursula LeGuin as "original in concept, elegant in language"--now explores the relationship between creation and destruction in The Book on Fire.

Just released by Immanion Press, the novel is available for purchase on Amazon.com. Like The Book of Flying, The Book of Fire is accompanied by Miller's arresting artwork, this time in the form of original woodcuts.

To learn more about Keith Miller's books, and to view his art work, visit his website at www.millerworlds.com

From his website, on The Book of Fire:

“Balthazar, book thief and bon vivant, arrives in Alexandria to steal from the famous library. But from the moment he steps off the boat, a veiled figure shadows him. Zeinab, literary prostitute and avenging ghost, will be his chaperone through the city of books. With her help, he succeeds in penetrating the underground library. But once inside, instead of ransacking it, he becomes obsessed with the youngest librarian, Shireen, who was born in the library and is herself more than half book. Their love story forms the heart of the novel. Balthazar schemes to get Shireen out of the library. But Zeinab has plans of her own . . .

“In sumptuous, evocative prose, The Book on Fire explores the relationships between creation and destruction, between belief and imagination, between desire and fulfillment.”

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