J. D. Brunk and S. F. Coffman

by Adam M. L. Tice


Comments for J. D. Brunk and S. F. Coffman

  • Sam Steiner

    On January 24, 2015 Sam Steiner wrote:

    I've never heard S. F. Coffman's work described as quirky before! This is a delightful snapshot Coffman and Brunk and their relationship. I regard Coffman as more amenable to gospel music than implied here, since he helped to edit Life songs. Coffman is a significant figure in my forthcoming history of Mennonites in Ontario.

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  • Adam Tice

    On January 24, 2015 Adam Tice wrote:

    Sam, Thanks for your comments! My impression of both Brunk and Coffman (derived primarily from Oyer's comments) is that while they had a preference for more traditional musical forms, they were pragmatists in their editorial work. They sought to provide music in the styles Mennonites were singing, rather than imposing the editor's preferred styles. I look forward to seeing your book. Adam

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