A Birth, a Flag, and My Introduction to Military Erotica

by Becca J.R. Lachman

Comments for A Birth, a Flag, and My Introduction to Military Erotica

  • Karl Stutzman

    On August 9, 2018 Karl Stutzman wrote:

    Hello, I just want to make a correction to the footnote. The September 2011 story in The Mennonite by Anna Groff, "Ohio pastor threatened with note, nooses" is in fact fully available online: https://archive.org/stream/mennonite201114unse#page/n577/search/nooses Online access to back issues of The Mennonite was made possible by a collaboration of Mennonite libraries and archives and the generous permission of The Mennonite. Peace, Karl

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  • Becca Lachman

    On August 9, 2018 Becca Lachman wrote:

    Thank you so much, Karl-- I'm glad it's available, and grateful to know about this resource. -Becca

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  • Greta Holt

    On August 10, 2018 Greta Holt wrote:

    What a fine, inspired piece, Becca.

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  • Adam Hostetter

    On August 19, 2018 Adam Hostetter wrote:

    What a wonderful piece! Our histories, sensibilities, and awareness can be so fluid and difficult to comprehend. The story of the musical on slavery is so horrific, poinient and heart breaking - so true. I feel that pain of ignorance, and wondering if we’ll ever over come it.

    Thank you! All the best, Adam Hostetter

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