Me and the Martyrs

by Kirsten Beachy

Kirsten Beachy is one Mennonite of a younger generation who has read Martyrs Mirror. She has not only read it but integrated its images, stories and lessons into her and her husband’s genealogies and her liberal arts education. She reflects the ambiguities and ironies that many Mennonites find in thinking about the book, and writes movingly and thoughtfully about its lasting impact on her.

Comments for Me and the Martyrs

  • Ann Hostetler

    On September 17, 2009 Ann Hostetler wrote:

    How do world events of the past decade or two change--or do they change--the way we interpret and understand relationship to a Mennonite or Anabaptist Martyr past?

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  • Dan Hess

    On September 25, 2009 Dan Hess wrote:

    I commend Kirsten for her respecting the story -- part history, part myth, part parable, part fable, part folk tale, and part legend.

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