Staring Down the Muzzle from Yamoto to Baghdad

by Wilbur Birky

Birky's essay, "Staring Down the Muzzle," relates Yaguchi's life and experience, during World War II and since, to his poems and his activism for peace in Japan. The original version of Birky's essay was presented at the "Mennonite/s Writing: Beyond Borders" conference on Mennonite literature at Bluffton University in 2006. That conference paper, in turn, was a follow up to Birky's earlier paper on Yaguchi at the "Mennonite/s Writing: An International Conference" at Goshen College in 2002, when the question of Mennonite poets writing on peace was first raised.

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  • Yorifumi Yaguchi

    On March 29, 2009 Yorifumi Yaguchi wrote:

    Wilbur, I like your article very much! Yorifumi

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