Vol. 6, No. 4

In this issue, guest edited by Daniel Shank Cruz, writers reflect on sports through essays and poetry.

In this issue:

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    Writing About Sports: Some Thoughts on David Wright

    by Daniel Shank Cruz

    When readers of the Journal of the Center for Mennonite Writing hear the name “David Wright,” they probably think of the Mennonite poet, well-known for his piece “A New Mennonite Replies to Julia Kasdorf” (Lines 17-18), which wryly responds to some of the tropes of Mennonite literature listed in Jeff Gundy’s “How to Write the New Mennonite Poem.” But most sports fans probably think of the New York Mets’ all-star third baseman, who has been one of the best players in baseball over the past decade.

    When I was asked to edit this issue of JCMW on sports, I …

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    by Todd Davis

    By the end of July, the practice field is burned a fragile yellow. A month from now, as cleats bite the earth, great clouds of dust will rise around us, turning our skin a beautiful shade of brown and leaving our airways coated, our snot a viscous black that shoots from our noses as we try to catch our breath between sprints.

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    Growing Up Mennonite, Growing Up Hawkeye

    by Charles R. "Chip" Frederick, Jr.

    Among my earliest memories are those of two strains: memories of growing up in the Mennonite Church and memories of athletic contests either as a participant or spectator.

    On occasion the two strains converge and the result is particularly evocative of my own experiences as a sports-crazed Mennonite. I remember foot races with packs of elementary-aged kids running around the outside of Pigeon (Michigan) Mennonite Church, and playing church league basketball on bitterly cold winter nights in the Iowa Mennonite School (IMS) gymnasium before IMS became the strong interscholastic athletics force that it is today. Some local wags even half-joke …

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    Sports, Me, Title IX and the World Cup

    by Melanie Zuercher

    What did I know about Richard Nixon when he was President? I may or may not have been aware he was the President before he resigned in the summer of 1974, almost exactly 40 years ago. I just recently found out that Nixon signed a set of amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965. One of those amendments was Title IX. Nixon signed the Education Amendments on June 23, 1972. Six days earlier, on June 17, five men had broken into the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Building, the point at which the dominos of Nixon’s political …

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    Three Poems by Jesse Nathan

    by Jesse Nathan


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    Poems by Carl Haarer

    by Carl Haarer