Jay Ruth Filmography

From 1985 to 2012

The Brotherhood Idea Franconia Mennonite Aid Plan 30 min., 1985

MOPAC: Good Neighbor on the Skippack MOPAC 8.5 min., 1985

North Penn Portrait N. P. Chamber of Commerce 120 min., 1986

Souderton in Time Souderton Centennial Commission 53 min., 1987

These People that Are Ours Indian Creek Foundation 26 min., 1987

A Salford Album Salford Mennonite Church 60 min., 1988

Home Sweet Retirement Home Area Retirement Homes 36 min., 1988

May We Depend on You Clayton Kratz Fellowship 28 min., 1989

A Bank for a Community Union National Bank 15 min., 1989

Dream and Nightmare Mennonite Central Committee 36 min., 1989

Songs of Hope Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania 23 min., 1990

Ringing the Bell Christopher Dock Mennonite High School 11 min., 1990

At Home in Lower Salford Lower Salford Historical Society 60 min., 1991

We Are Marching Christopher Dock H. S. 11 min., 1991

Yet in My Dreams Turning Point Foundation 18 min., 1992

Mityana, Uganda Revisited Episcopal Diocese of PA 25 min., 1992

Liberty for the Prisoners LIberty Ministries 20 min., 1992

Yes, We’ll Gather Liturgy Training Publications 48 min., 1993

The Color of Plain St. Jacobs, Ontario Visitors Center 25 min., 1993

When We Sing Liturgy Training Publications 30 min., 1994

How Can I Keep From Singing Liturgy Training Publications 30 min., 1994

The New Century Hymnal U. C. C. Hymnal Committee 21.5 min., 1994

Tel Hai Tel Hai Retirement Community 15 min., 1994

Love at Home Landis Family Association 60 min., 1994

Wade in the Water Indian Creek Foundation 5 min., 1995

Great is Thy Faithfulness Elias and Sallie Landis Family 60 min., 1995

A Time for Every Voice The Parker House- Paul Zeigler 30 min., 1996

For Sixty Years, a Blessing Franconia Mennonite Aid Plan 15 min., 1996

According to the Holy Spirit Bible Fellowship Church Historical Committee 30 min., 1998

Harvest; the Threshing Story Branch Valley Productions 60 min., 1999

As the Land MHEP 8 min., 1999

The John and Catherine Nice Family Story Nice Family Association 55 min., 1999

Here Abiding Deep Run Mennonite Church 45 min., 2000

Silver Cinders Cultural Heritage Resource Services 56 min., 2000

Sallie’s Children, Sallie’s Songs John and Sallie Landis Family Association 60 min., 2001

Old Time Religion; Sharing Programs at Fifty Sharing Programs 15 min., 2001

Folksong Transformations; with Alice Parker Hinshaw Publications 30 min., 2002

In Remembrance Line Lexington Mennonite Church 35 min., 2002

Natural Born Market People MHEP 13 min., 2003

From Age to Age Dock Woods Community 10 min., 2003

Taking the Right Way Clemens Family Corporation 43 min., 2004

Caring, Sharing; The Response of Love Care & Share Shoppes 8 min., 2004

The Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center Orientation SLHC 6 min., 2004

A Sentimental Journey Along The 113 Heritage Corridor MHEP 25 min., 2004

The Heart of the Home Souderton Mennonite Homes 52 min., 2004

Found Faithful Horace & Elizabeth Longacre Family 63 min., 2005

Voices of Hope Consultants in Context 25 min., 2005

Symbols of Peace MHEP 12 min., 2006

Value the Difference Joint Schools Coordinating Committee 13 min., 2006

Healthcare Access; The Gehman House Peaceful Living 4 min., 2007

Work & Recovery The Center for Global Partnership, The Japan Foundation 27 min., 2007

It's About Community Henning's Market 15 min., 2008

The Earth is the Lords MHEP 28 min., 2008

Two Brothers and a Good Box to Stand On Sanford Alderfer Companies 2009

Vincent Mennonite Church: Yesterday Today, and Forever VMC 2010

Paint, Pattern & People Winterthur 2011

Love One Another Peaceful Living 2012

Remembering Annie Funk (and the Titanic) Branch Valley Productions 36 min., 2012

About the Author

Jay Ruth

Jay Ruth owns a video production company, Branch Valley Productions, with studios in Lederach, Pennsylvania, one mile from the Ruth ancestral farm where he lives with other members of his extended family. He and his wife Jane are the parents of Anna, a Goshen College graduate now working with Connexus in South Korea; Emma, a Goshen College junior; and John, a high school junior. Jay graduated from Goshen College with an English major. He enjoys reading, woodworking, traveling with his family, and restoring old motorcycles. He attends the Salford Mennonite Church.