Dirk Eitzen Filmography

From 1985 to 2007

The Tsunami’s Wake (2007)55 min. Producer, director, writer and editor. Documentary for international NGOs and Indian and Indonesian broadcast on community-based trauma healing.

Persistence of Vision (2004) 57 min. Producer, director, principal writer and editor. Documentary on notable African American abstract artists to accompany traveling exhibit Something to Look Forward To.

Save Our Land (2001) 57 min. Co-Producer (and director, co-writer, and editor). Widely exhibited public television documentary on suburban sprawl. PBS broadcast contract renewed in 2005, based on demand from stations.

The Amish and Us (1997) 57 min. Producer/Co-Director. Widely exhibited public TV documentary on impact of tourism on Amish community, funded by ITVS, Pennsylvania Humanities Council, and others.

Tales of the Rails (1989) 28 min. Producer/Co-Director with David Tetzlaff. Public television documentary about the folklore and oral history surrounding railroads in the rural Midwest.

Around Round Barns (1988) 28 min. Co-Producer/Director, with Jonathan Mednick. Public television documentary about round barns and rural culture and history.

Special Feelings (1987) 28 min. Producer/Director. Public television documentary about the romantic relationships of a group of severely disabled people.

Homeless in Philadelphia (1985) 49 min. & 28 min. Producer/Director. Video documentary about homelessness, produced in collaboration with a group of homeless people.

About the Author

Dirk Eitzen

Dirk Eitzen, of Lititz, Pennsylvania, teaches film and media studies at Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His four major documentary films have won awards at film festivals, and The Amish and Us and Save Our Land have been broadcast nationally on PBS. He has also published articles on film theory in various scholarly journals. After graduating from Goshen College in 1981 he earned an MFA at Temple University in 1986 and a PhD at the University of Iowa in 1993. He attends East Chestnut Street Mennonite Church in Lancaster.