Exhibitions of Warren Rohrer's paintings and Jane's Poems

In collaboration with Christopher Reed and Joyce Henri Robinson, Julia Spicher Kasdorf has arranged for two exhibitions, different in focus and content, of the paintings of Warren Rohrer and the poems of Jane Turner Rohrer at the Palmer Museum of Art at The Pennsylvania State University (February 10 - June 6, 2021) and at the Woodmere Art Museum in Chestnut Hill, PA (April 6 - July 10, 2022). See below for details on exhibits and related links.

Palmer Museum of Art exhibition (free and open to the public with timed admission):

Feb. 10-June 6, 2021

Details for the Palmer exhibition:


Virtual gallery talks offered by the Palmer Museum throughout the spring, available via Zoom:


The “digital companion” to the Palmer exhibition, which includes 4 informational videos:


Details for the Woodmere Art Museum exhibition in Chestnut Hill, PA:

April 6, 2022- July 10, 2022


Link to FIELD LANGUAGE, the catalogue on offer from Penn State Press:


About the Author

Kasdorf, Reed,  Robinson

Field Language exists because of a remarkable collaboration of three Penn State faculty members. Julia Spicher Kasdorf has published four books of poetry; the most recent, created in collaboration with photographer Steven Rubin, is titled Shale Play: Poems and Photographs from the Fracking Fields.A LiberalArts Professor of English, she teaches creative writing at Penn State.Christopher Reed is an art historian and Distinguished Professor of English and Visual Culture at Penn State. He has taught and published on a wide variety of topics at the intersection of art and literature from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. Joyce Henri Robinson is Assistant Director at the Palmer Museum of Art and an affiliated associate professor in the Department of Art History at Penn State. She has authored numerous catalogues and curated more than sixty exhibitions, primarily in the fields of contemporary art, twentieth-century American art, and photography. Thumbnail image: "Green Stance" (1984) by Warren Rohrer.