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All I wanna know is what Calvin and Hobbes would have to say about our current political climate

I’d have to say the biggest problem with having a million dreams and aspirations is the fact that I’m absolutely the laziest person I’ve ever met

College students are honestly so self-absorbed and think everything is about them it’s so obnoxious... anyway the dining hall didn’t have bananas today and I think they did it to spite me because they know how much I love them

So many people in college are like “yeah, I’m a biochem/physics double major” and I’m reminded that I didn’t even know what to eat for breakfast this morning, let alone what to do with my life.

it’s really a waste that I don’t go to parties, these college kids don’t understand what they’re missing out on with me (no conversation, bad dancing, and watching me stand in a corner talking to the dogs)

do u ever make small talk with someone for only like a minute and you’re like... ooh you’re DEF a closeted republican

I like how we as Americans like to ignore the terrible things we’ve created and pretend they didn’t happen- like tons of mass shootings, for example, or the Gilmore Girls revival


If ur gonna have disgusting feet I’d prefer you keep them permanently hidden... flip flops are for small children and only the most elite of foot models

A separate movie theater just for the people who think it’s acceptable to clap at the end of the films

My superpower is that my RBF makes it so that no one wants to sit next to me on an airplane

People who go out to eat and order sandwiches are sociopaths

Male vanity and entitlement are when a customer asks me how to pronounce my name and her husband answers before I can

Sure you may be an intellectual person with good looks and a perfect life but I’ve never had a cavity so who’s the real winner here

My flight attendant’s toupee is not expertly attached but he made up for it by indicating the emergency exits during the safety demo with extra pizzazz

There nothing quite like the jolt of uneasiness and discomfort when a man comes and sits next to you in a public space where there is plenty available seating elsewhere. What a thrill!

my favorite part of astronomy was when my professor interrupted herself mid lecture to make sure there were no flat-earthers in the class


Is it time to start tucking my sweatpants into my socks yet? Or is that a I’m-in-college-and-very-seasonally-depressed thing to be doing

This girl and I have never talked but smile at each other every other day when I go to my class and I think it’s probably my strongest friendship here

After my hair was home to an array of various woodland creatures for a few days I decided to finally wash it and I gotta tell you- the soft smooth feeling is nothing in comparison to the companionship and comfort my forest friends provided

Sometimes I feel like my life is falling apart, but then I’m reminded that popcorn exists and all my worries leave me

My morning consisted of crying over a dog article my mom sent, reading some Mary Oliver dog poems to cry some, looking up dog tattoo inspiration, and writing some dog poetry. I'd say that just about sums me up

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Noelle Miller-Haughton is a junior at UC Santa Cruz where she is majoring in Psychology. She grew up in San Diego among a group of Marginal/Secular Mennonites. She knows about 5 hymns total but can lip-sync the rest with the best of ‘em. She loves dogs that look like their owners, thrifting clothes she’ll never wear, and most carbs. Her dislikes include flat earthers and men who name their cars.You can find her on Twitter @sarahnoelllee