Passive Aggressive

Passive Aggressive

by Chris Janzen

This painting explores the unique ways that violence can be inflicted without physical action. Mennonites are traditionally aligned with the Peace position, but this does not mean conflict and aggression are absent from their lives. A passive orange pillow sits at the center of the composition, but a skull lurks at head height between the figures.


Passive/Aggressive, 2016, oil on canvas, 4’ x 5’

About the Author

Chris Janzen

Chris Janzen is a visual artist, guitarist, and composer. His multimedia projects and oil paintings have been exhibited throughout the US including west coast institutions such as the Contemporary Jewish Museum, Fresno Art Museum, and Arte Americas. Janzen is Assistant Professor of Art and Instructor of Music at Fresno Pacific University where he teaches painting, drawing, 2D / 3D Design, and jazz guitar. He is a member of Fig Tree Gallery.