Selected Bibliography of Recent Mennonite Writing, 2015 - mid-2019

We hope to include more reviews in future issues. When you read through this bibliography of recent work by Mennonite writers, you'll see why. If you are interested in reviewing a current book for us, one from this list, or another you think our readers urgently need to know about, please send an inquiry by email to the editor at anneh@goshen.edu.

This bibliography of noteworthy Mennonite literature-related books published between 2015 and August 2019, is organized by genre. It shows that the field maintains a steady momentum, averaging at least two books every three months, with a good mix of established and newer authors producing work. The bibliography is not comprehensive, but is instead meant to offer readers a snapshot of the field’s recent activity. For a list that attempts to be complete, see the three Mennonite/s writing bibliographies at www.mennonitewriting.org. The General Bibliography is at https://danielshankcruz.com/general-discussions-of-mennonite-literature-bibliography/, the Mennonite/s Writing in Canada Bibliography is at https://danielshankcruz.com/mennonite-s-writing-in-canada-bibliography/, and the Mennonite/s Writing in the U.S. Bibliography is at https://danielshankcruz.com/mennonite-s-writing-in-the-u-s-bibliography/. If you have additions to suggest for the recent bibliography, please make then through the comment icon at the top right hand corner of the page.


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About the Author

Daniel Shank Cruz

Daniel Shank Cruz grew up in New York City and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate of Goshen College (B.A.) and Northern Illinois University (M.A., Ph.D.). Cruz is the author of Queering Mennonite Literature: Archives, Activism, and the Search for Community (Penn State University Press, 2019), and he has published writing in a variety of venues such as Crítica Hispánica, Mennonite Quarterly Review, the New York Times, and several book collections. His research interests include the intersections between ethnic minority literatures (especially Mennonite literature and Latinx literature) and queer literatures, archiving, and the role of geographical space in literature. He is an Associate Professor of English at Utica College in upstate New York.