CMW Journal

Song Writing
Vol. 6, No. 3

An array of song writers talk about the genesis of one of their works, their sources of inspiration, and share lyrics and recordings.

  • Somewhere Near Defiance
    Somewhere Near Defiance
    by Jeff Gundy


  • Notes on '31'
    Notes on '31'
    by Andrew Gerber

    As a kid, my siblings and I would play with tape recorders. We would record songs or skits on a cassette tape (often over a cherished recording of my parents.) I remember being in grade school and writing the first song that had a formalized structure. It was about a ...

  • Big American Man
    Big American Man
    by David George

    He left America in a rocket
    On a mission to be triumphant
    But when he landed he was stranded
    On a planet ruled by our cousins
    Who would not be convinced of his intelligence
    They were blinded by their monkey religion
    (And tradition, and superstition)
    I guess in some ways ...

  • Little Pine
    Little Pine
    by Moral Circus

    [edit interview]

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    little pine (set in a stem, 2014)

    music video:

    track: ...

  • Hurricane
    by Emily Rodgers

    Here is a link to the video:

    Hurricane (Lyrics)

    Check under the house, you’ll find the fuse.
    It’s in the air you’ll find the spark.
    I’m not afraid of thesun,
    I am not afraid of you.

    I have visions ...

  • Reflections on 'Looking for Spiders'
    Reflections on 'Looking for Spiders'
    by Jessica Smucker

    I was deep into my second set at the Acoustic Cafe in Johnson City, Tennessee, when a man walked in the door and began watching me intently as I played. I noticed him right away. He looked like a mountain man who'd wandered into town on a mission - old ...

  • Lobsang
    by Carol Ann Weaver


    a memorial song for Five Amish Girls

    by Carol Ann Weaver

    composed on October 2, 2006


    Naomi Rose Ebersole, age seven

    Lena Miller, age seven

    Mary Liz Miller, age eight

    Anna Mae Stoltzfus, age twelve

    Marian Fisher, age thirteen


    At dawn three Amish girls woke
    and gathered ...

  • Colony Collapse Disorder
    by Trevor Bechtel

    We dance to show each other where the flowers are
    We dance to show from whence comes life
    We love to find where all the colourful flowers are
    We love to visit them, to take and give life

    That’s why we dance
    That’s why we tremble
    We show ...