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    White Nights, Black Mondays

    by Jeremy Frey

    Audition: You get what you risk.

    One of many cattle calls in the late ‘90s found me landing an extra role in response to the local Casting Director’s hotline: “We’re looking for ‘real people,’” code for non-actors. After years on stage, as an upstart film actor, I was on my way to some of the most rewarding, exciting work possible. Harpo Productions to co-produce with Disney Films. Oprah Winfrey to star alongside Danny Glover, under the direction of Jonathan Demme. And all this in Philadelphia, home of only a few non-independent films each year.

    Working on film sets quickly ...

  • 1 read more SELECTED POEMS


    by Christine Ruth Wiebe

    These poems were selected from a manuscript of over 100 poems culled by Katie Funk Wiebe and Joanna Wiebe from Christine Wiebe’s papers. This thematic selection of poems suggests the range of Christine’s interests and the depth to which she probed them. Her poems are deeply sensitive to language as a tool of creation, disturbance, and integration. The section titles—Words, Father Loss, The Body, Nature’s Order, Exploration, Oblate, Dreams—have been created by the editor.--AH

  • 0 read more How to Stay Alive

    How to Stay Alive

    by Christine Ruth Wiebe

    Christine Wiebe wrote this book with the hope that her personal responses to her illness would help those in similar circumstances, or those close to people living with chronic illness. A limited edition was produced for her family and friends. We are please to publish excerpts from it with the permission of Katie Funk Wiebe. All of the illustrations are also by Christine Wiebe--AH

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    A Few Words for Christine Wiebe

    by Jeff Gundy

    We arrived at Hesston College in fall 1980, almost exactly thirty years ago. The job had come up unexpectedly—I had planned to stay in grad school and finish my dissertation—but then, as now, times were tough in academia, and who could pass up actual, full-time employment? My lofty ABD status got me a corner office in the library, with not one but two narrow windows. My wife Marlyce had been hired to type letters and answer the phone for the religion department. We felt like we were finally joining the grown-up world.

    In the office next to mine, I soon ...

  • 0 read more Her Spirit, a Small Bird with Color

    Her Spirit, a Small Bird with Color

    by Ellen Kroeker

    She turns fiercely to her right,

    Curling to the lost comfort of sleep or rest. She searches

    For the childhood position,

    Its sweet familiarity, even

    As her breath becomes ragged.

    Demerol dims the pain yet she moans.

    Here lies my friend after a life

    Of doctors and medicines

    And dismal diagnoses. Here sister

    Leans over her, stroking her hair,

    Kissing her cheek. For her sister,

    She rests, her breath smooth to a matched

    Rhythm. The room becomes spacious.

    She opens her eyes and smiles

    Such a radiance, much like

    The flash of a scarlet tanager

    Or a goldfinch in a darkening

    Woods. She knows this is

    Happening. She curls herself

    Into our hearts' nests and then,

    Like a bird off a branch,

    She springs forth.

  • 0 read more Writing, Interrupted

    Writing, Interrupted

    by Ellen Kroeker

    The poetry of Christine Wiebe is in piles on the table. There are multiple, undated versions, organized in various ways. It is as if she has stepped away from her work, intending to come back with an organizational strategy. But of course she is now ten years gone from this earth and she is not coming back to organize them, to decipher the meanings or the preferred versions. Her life had many major interruptions, interruptions by serious illness and several near death encounters.

    So the reviewer is denied the authorial intent or even a chronology that allows pontifications about the ...

  • 0 read more Christine the Storyteller

    Christine the Storyteller

    by Joanna Wiebe

    “As a young child,” Christine wrote about herself, “I was so quiet and reticent that my maternal grandmother thought there was something wrong with me. I suppose I lagged on those charts that they now use to track baby’s progress, at least in terms of speech. But thrown in the Wiebe household, always thick with books and conversation, I eventually learned to talk and read children’s books.” She adored Blueberries for Sal, and Blue Willow, and many more.

    The trauma of losing her father when she was six years old reinforced Christine’s tendency to turn inward. Although she ...

  • 1 read more “Bread and Roses, Bread and Roses”

    “Bread and Roses, Bread and Roses”

    by Katie Funk Wiebe

    Hearts starve as well as bodies;

    Bread and roses! Bread and roses!

    Give us bread, but give us roses.

    Christine Ruth Wiebe’s life was exemplified by this 1912 fragment of a protest song found in her files on a scrap of paper. Through the decades many individuals and groups picked up the refrain. She knew her body needed bread to survive, but also that her spirit withered without the beauty of friends, words and spiritual nurture. She wanted both bread and roses.

    Childhood and early education

    She was born into a Mennonite Brethren family on Nov. 19, 1954, while we ...

  • 2 read more  Bibliography of Christine R. Wiebe’s Writing

    Bibliography of Christine R. Wiebe’s Writing

    by Katie Funk Wiebe


    “Pacifist aim is peace,” Tabor College View. 12 March 12 1976.

    “The Year Daddy Died” in Alone: A Widow’s Search for Joy by Katie Funk Wiebe. Tyndale House Publishers, 1976. (Also in British, South African, German and Finnish editions)

    “How did I get into this? Or, why I joined MCC. ” The Christian Leader, 31 July 1979, 5-6.

    “The Year Daddy Died. With Magazine, January 1978.

    “‘The Caging of Chris” in Good Times with Old Times: How to Write Your Memoirs by Katie Funk Wiebe, Herald Press, 1979.

    “Irene L. Bishop,” “Cornelius Wall,” in Something Meaningful ...

  • 0 read more Artist’s Statement

    Artist’s Statement

    by Sylvia Bubalo

    May 11, 1973